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Optimize Your Revenue Cycle for Maximum Efficiency

Automate and streamline billing processes for improved financial performance.

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Key Features and Benefits

Data Scrub

Our RCM platform enhances claim accuracy with advanced data validation, reducing errors and ensuring compliance.

Full Eligibility

Verify patient in-network status, provider affiliation, and benefit coverage for the service level before claims submission.

PR Auto-Charge

Auto-charge the correct patient responsibility amounts at the point of service and manage ERA-based adjustments or refunds.

Patient Contact

Streamline patient communication with automated, tailored messages via email or text throughout the financial lifecycle.

Smart Scheduling

Avoid potential revenue loss by identifying patients whose appointments may not meet financial viability criteria.

Revenue Insight

Deploy powerful reporting tools for actionable insights, managing denials, and optimizing claim resubmission processes.

How RCM integrates with Existing Systems

he Trek Platform integrates with your Practice's EHR system to create an intentional end-to-end financial journey for Providers and Patients.

Our revenue cycle solution automate workflows across the full payment life cycle.

Practice EHR
Trek Platform

Collect Payment Info

Claim Scrubbing

Financial Clearance

Claim Scrubbing

Patient Notification

Auto-Charge Patients

Denial Management


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